A-Z Community Fundraising Ideas

Are you stuck for ideas of how you can fundraise and organise an event?

Take a look at our A-Z of community fundraising ideas...

You can also consider sponsored events such as:

  • Skydives
  • Run a Marathon
  • Swimathon
  • Triathlon
  • Sponsored Walk
  • Sponsored Cycle
  • Sponsored Slim
  • Sponsored Head Shave
  • Sponsored Climb - Kilamanjaro or Snowden
  • The Three Peaks Challenge

These are just a few of sponsored events that you could get involved in either as an individual or why not make it more fun and gather a group of family and friends or work colleagues.

(If you organize an event through your workplace your employer may be willing to match fund the money you have raised)

Or you can set up your own Justgiving account:

www.justgiving.com it's quick and simple and you can email a link to all your friends, family and colleagues to help with your fundraising. If you are a UK taxpayer through the Gift Aid scheme we can reclaim the tax for every £1 you donate which will increase your donation at no extra cost.

We are a self funding charity which makes your donation so much more important to us.

It is also extremely important that you send in your donation as soon after your event as possible to enable us to continue granting these Wishes

Happy Fundraising


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Organise an event

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We need your help We are a non government funded charity which means that we very much rely on donations coming into the charity from our community supporters and which makes your donation so much more important to us.